Mindfulness Meditation for
  Sobriety and Relapse Prevention
Our research-based treatment approach empowers clients to be active participants in their own sobriety and relapse prevention.
Although mindfulness interventions are rooted in ancient Wisdom traditions, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and other fields are providing empirical support that mindfulness practices (including meditation) are especially effective for treating substance-dependent people of all types.
Positive and sustainable effects include:
* Overcoming obsessive thinking (self-talk) accomplished by learning focused attention
* Reactivity attained by developing the ability to silently witness pre-conditioned responses.
* Impulse control​ by learning to quickly identify frustrated Energy Centers that cause triggers
Currently in development...

for Residential Treatment Facilities

Clearly articulated session-by-session model for intervening with substance abuse clients.
A client-centered and inexpensive approach that is easily applied to substance-dependent people of all types. (Also applicable to both novice meditators and experienced practioners.)


  * 1 day, 7 days, 30 days and 60 days programs
  * Facilitator Guides
  * Client Workbooks
  * Outpatient Follow-Up Support
Here are just some of the facilities
We are currently offering
our services for addiction recovery:

(Group Classes & One-on-one Counseling) 


*Alta Mira Recovery Center 
Alta Mira is a nationally recognized addiction treatment program with drug and alcohol rehab facility and services in San Francisco.
*Muir Woods Center for Teens
Muir Wood Teen is a speciality teen addiction treatment center in Northern California for adolescent and teen boys ages 12 to 17.
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for Recovery & Relapse Prevention 




 *Daily    *Weekly    *Monthly
*As-Needed Basis 
*At-Home Intensives
*Sober Companion   

One-on-one counseling services -- and/or part-time or full-time sober companionship -- are presently offered by Meditanation Director Daniel Trautman. In addition to his active private practice, Daniel has taught meditation and counseled both adults and teens in a wide range of settings, from luxury residential recovery centers to within the prison system. 



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