Our experts combine their experience in teaching a wide range of meditation techniques and therapeutic practices with innovative program and curriculum design to create one-of-a-kind experiences, classes and workshops for you and/or your group. CONTACT US TODAY!
was founded in 1999 in Carbondale, Colorado by
psychologist Jeff Pincus and seasoned meditation instructor Daniel Trautman. Originally called Kiva Mindfulness, MEDITANATION began as a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting personal growth in people of all ages.
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Meet some of us...


Daniel Trautman
Director - Instructor & Counselor



As Director of Meditanation, Daniel has spearheaded a wide range of program offerings, including men’s groups, a national speaker series with renowned teachers, Mentoring Incarcerated Youth Program (teaching meditation and life skills to incarcerated teenagers), and many community-oriented special events.


Daniel has traveled both nationally and internationally teaching meditation, Centering-Prayer, and “Spiritual Journey” workshops with some of the most recognized leaders in the field; and his unique applied and integrated approach to teaching meditation is easily appiled to a wide range of applications.  Most recently, Daniel has been teaching Mindfulness Meditation and 'Spiritual Journey' classes and offering one-on-one counseling to clients in addiction recovery at Alta Mira Recovery Center, as well as teaching meditation to teens at Muir Woods Adolescent Recovery Center. He also has a private practice that includes working daily, weekly or monthly with individual clients from a wide range of backgrounds (in-person, on phone and via Skype/Facetime), and travels nationally to provide individuals in need of immediate support (crisis management, addiction recovery) with at-home Intensives.
Daniel has been practicing meditation for over 30 years, including as a student of Zen masters Roshi Sasaki and Maezumi Roshi, of Christian Zen Masters Willigis Jagerr and Pat Hawk, of Christian leader Thomas Keating, and as a resident monk at St. Benedict’s Monastery in Snowmass,Colorado. His continuing education includes ongoing classes at Villanova University's Alcohol and Drug Counseling program; and he is also practiced in Non Violent Communication (conflict-resolution skills). For six years, Daniel also served as Vice-President of the Board of Colorado Contemplative Outreach, and he was a Spiritual Counselor of Intensive Public Retreats at the well-known St. Benedicts Monastery.
Dr. Beverly Nelson, PhD
Psychologist (Consultant)
A psychologist in private practice for over 30 years and a university professor, Dr. Nelson is also currently the director of LifePath Center, an international wellness retreat-center that offers a wide range of healing modalities. 
Dr. Nelson collaborates with, offers her expertise to, and inspires Medination in infinite ways!

Stefanie Glick, M.A.
Program & Marketing Guru (Consultant)
Program/Curriculum Design:  Stefanie is an expert in experiential educational program design. As a Consultant, she has leant her expertise (from assessment to research to evaluation) to various leading national youth organizations, and her original intergenerational programs have been offered to over a million youth and adults nationwide. Stefanie is currently leading the development of our new Mindfulness for Recovery Program, a session-by-session model for intervening with substance abuse clients in residential treatment facilities.
Marketing & Communication: Stefanie acts as the "frontwoman" for Meditanation, forging partnerships with other local and national organizations to implement new program offerings; and she is responsible for all of our public relations and communications.
In addition to being a a long-time member of the Shambhala meditation community, Stefanie is also practiced in Non-Violent Communication (conflict-resolution skills).

meditanation@gmail.com     707.494.4778

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